An Evening of Dean Bevan's Plays

A Night of Dean Bevan's Plays

July 8 &9, 7:30 pm • Tickets: $10



The shows:

Cindy- directed be Mary Ann Saunders

Will Cindy return her mother’s car before midnight, and will Mr. Prinz award her the part over her nasty roommates?

Grim Reaper- Directed by Steve Shapiro

Will the Reaper convince the hard-of-hearing old couple that he’s not a magazine salesman or Jehovah’s Witness, and accomplish his purpose?

Haunted- Directed by Charles Whitman

A husband is confronted by the ghost of a former lover, and he and his wife must

face the truth of their past.

Oh Hell- Directed by Rachel Blackburn

Can Lucifer successfully buy the soul of a young lawyer? Can his wife get it back by throwing rock/paper/scissors with the Devil?

Water, Water- Directed by Dan Born

Where can a thirsty man in the desert find water, hot dogs, and a Port-A-Potty?

April in Iraq: Directed by Dean Bevan

Young April joins the Army Engineers to help the local people, but finds the reality different than she hoped.​