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Improv with John

Make a Scene!!
Improv class: August 23rd, noon - 4pm

Join the fun of learning the skills of good theatre improvisation!

Develop the ability to think on your feet while creating hilarious comedy
at a moment's notice. Using Chicago Style Improv techniques, you will play games,
create unique characters and become and overall better actor.

So come down to the new Theatre Lawrence Building and make a scene!

$40- All proceeds support Theatre Lawrence.

John Robison as Farquaad About John: John Robison was in his first community theater production at the age of eight. He had lines, and he made people laugh with them. He discovered that performing was in his blood, and he's been hooked ever since. He founded the community theater group "Better Than Fair Players" in 1996, and served as artistic director for six years. He studied improvisational comedy in Chicago just before founding the "Roving Imp Theater" in 2007 and presenting over 2000 shows over the following six years. In 2013 he released his instruction manual "Improv for Everybody." He's performed and directed with numerous amateur and professional theatrical organizations over the past 30 years and has toured Europe three times as a featured soloist. John currently heads up Mod Entertainment, a company bringing music concerts, comedy shows and comedy classes to private events all over the region.



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